Is Bulgaria the Best Property Investment in Europe?

A couple of decades ago, French property was the top choice for people investing their money; old farmhouses, rustic mountain chalets and slick inner-city pads could be picked up for a reasonable price and the market was growing. As the prices rose, the opportunities for buying low and selling high became fewer and further between, and investors began looking to Spain where the boom in package holidays to the Mediterranean coast meant apartments were being built everywhere and rental potential was high.

Now the Spanish property market has also matured and investors have had to look further afield to find places where money could be made. One of the biggest influencing factors to have occurred over the last decade is the expansion of the EU. This has meant that many countries that previously were a minefield of legal barriers and red tape are now much more open to foreign investors.

The fact that several of the new EU states have already, or soon will be adopting the Euro, has also facilitated property investment, as well as sending out a signal to investors saying that these countries are stable places to invest. The eastern expansion has mean that many exciting opportunities for investors have appeared, and there has been a lot of interest in Slovakia, Poland and the Czech Republic; but by far the most attractive country for property buyers has been Bulgaria.

Perhaps one of the greatest attractions for property investors in Bulgaria is the huge choice of real estate to invest in. Those looking for an inner city purchase will find Bulgaria’s vibrant capital Sofia, an ideal place to invest, but it has been the ski resorts and beach destinations that have been the biggest draw.

Bansko is Bulgaria’s leading ski resort, with the longest slopes in the country and the best snowfall records. The development of state-of-the-art lift systems, combined with a rustic old town with meandering cobbled streets have raised Bansko’s profile and put it on the international ski map, making it a very popular choice with investors and meaning most new developments sell out long before completion. Beach-side developments along the Black Sea coast are in similar demand, due to the golden sands, clean and safe water and excellent value property.

However, nothing lasts forever and like France, Spain and countless other property hotspots, Bulgaria’s time will come and go; but for now, this Balkan country is being touted as the best property investment in Europe, so get in there while you still can.