Bulgaria – The Best Property Investment In The EU

Investing in real estate is regarded as probably the safest and most consistent way to increase your capital. Worldwide property investment is no longer the preserve of the super rich or readily connected but with the event of the internet and a simplified banking system, is open to all of us.

Massive fortunes are built and grown through property investment and the sheer size of the global market offers the chance to build a property portfolio with even if you have the smallest budget.

Emerging markets and the ready availability of cheap investments, can be you’re your pension plan and a source of regular income. The key is identifying the fastest appreciating areas with affordable property that will offer consistent growth and huge capital returns.

Currently, in the European market, Bulgaria is the current hotspot with an average growth rate of 30% with the cheapest property prices in the EU. There are several other countries in the EU, which attract foreign investment for a variety of reasons. None, however, can rival the sheer number of factors, which makes Bulgaria an irresistible, safe and compelling location for your investment capital:

  • The cheapest cost of living in the EU– 50p for a beer and less than £5 for a three course dinner are prime examples of why more and more holidaymakers and repeat visitors are flocking to the country
  • The cheapest real estate in Europe– you can buy a detached house in the country with land for less than £10,000!
  • Outstanding natural beauty– where else can you find 220km of sandy beaches, 1700 hours of sunshine a year and the longest ski season in Europe?
  • Ease of Access– Bulgaria is approximately three hours from the UK by plane with all the low cost airlines now scheduled to fly there
  • Increasing exposure– All the major tour operators now offer packages to Bulgaria at roughly 30-40% the cost of the Spanish or Portuguese equivalent
  • Rapidly growing marketplace– Visitor numbers and potential buyers are growing at over 20% per annum
  • Sustained economic growth– Bulgaria is experiencing one of the best GDP growth rates in Europe at 4.7% per annum
  • Stable currency– the Bulgarian Lev is pegged to the Euro
  • Stable political and religious communities– Bulgaria is a full member of NATO has no history of civil upheaval and no questions over land ownership
  • Booming house prices– 30% growth rates are the norm, your money would have appreciated by over 50% in key areas in the last year
  • Full membership of the EU– Bulgaria will become a full member of the EU in 2007. This international acceptance will promote massive government investment and expansion, accelerate the growth of the country and ensure the highest capital growth and rental yields for your Bulgarian property

Property prices are continually rising and will surge with full membership of the European Union. You can invest now in either off-plan developments or existing resale properties at bargain prices that are approximately 25% of Spanish, French, Italian or Portuguese alternatives. The next few years will increase the value of your property to fantastic heights.

Bulgaria Property – Still A Good Investment?

Bulgaria property is known for being affordable, and the country still remains one of the hottest places for property investment today, offering low prices, excellent natural resources and a vibrant and exciting culture.

Bulgaria has a number of property hotspots in beach, mountain and city areas. Depending on what type of investment or lifestyle you are after, Bulgaria caters for everyone. Mortgages are now available in Bulgaria at competitive prices to the UK which is appealing to many UK buyers, especially those who find the UK property market out of their budget.

There has never been a better time to invest in Bulgaria property, especially since its accession to the EU promises to push prices higher. For those looking for affordable second home or a buy-to-let property Bulgaria still offers many of exciting opportunities.

There are many factors which make Bulgaria property the first choice destination for many investors and second-home buyers.

A booming and stable economy

Bulgaria’s currency is strongly linked to the Euro, and in 2010 the country will accept the Euro as the currency. Bulgaria has experienced a consistent increase in GDP growth over a sustained period and economists of UniCredit Group expect a 6.2% real GDP growth in 2007 combined with a 13% increase in GDP per capita.

Tourism industry

Bulgaria’s tourism sector has increased rapidly in recent years as a result of the influx of UK and Irish investing in Bulgaria. Bulgaria has one of the fastest growing tourist sectors in all of Europe.

Low cost of living

Bulgaria offers modern luxuries at yesterday’s prices. The cost of living is much lower compared to the UK making the perfect holiday destination for families or those looking for an affordable weekend getaway.


Bulgaria has the ideal climate for those who like outdoor activities. In the summer there are high temperatures often touching 40 degrees, while the winter months is perfect in the mountains for those who enjoy snow sports.

Excellent airport and airline networks

Bulgaria is approximately three hours flying time from most UK airports, Low-cost airline easyJet has now launched flights to Sofia making the journey even cheaper.

World Class Ski Resorts

Bankso is the most developed of Bulgaria’s ski resorts and over the last few years this mountain town has seen a massive amount of building and investment from 130million Euro. It is set to become one of Europe’s major ski resorts.

Summer Hotspot

Bulgaria’s Black Sea Coast has beautiful beaches with crystal clear water and long sandy beaches. The combination of warm sea, pristine beaches and long dry summers at affordable prices will ensure excellent future prospects for property along the 236 miles of spectacular coastline.

Thriving Capital Sofia

Bulgaria’s cosmopolitan capital is fast becoming the investment capital of Europe which means the demand for rental properties is increasing with more and more professionals coming into Sofia on a regular basis.

Bulgaria remains one of the hottest investment spots today despite being ‘discovered’ a few years ago. There are still new and exciting investment opportunities for those looking for a buy buy-to-let property, and those seeking the dream second home.

Bulgaria property is only going to increase in price, so for those looking to secure a good value property now is the time to act.